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Car Imports – Our Advantage

Why you should purchase from our company…

  1. We are a UK based Japanese car import company. This is the biggest reason. Our base is in the UK and subject to strict English law. As a result, you have extra security when dealing with us with money transactions. There is no need to send your money thousands of miles away and worry about never seeing it again. If you purchase from a foreign company you have no say whatsoever if your money disappears as they are not regulated by UK authorities.
  2.  We are extra careful when bidding on car imports. We have trained mechanics at the large auction halls. This allows us to inspect the vehicle before purchasing. Many agents are simply web based and unable to physically inspect. This is very important as the auction hall only gives basic information about the vehicles being auctioned. Nothing beats an actual physical inspection. We do not cut any corners.
  3. Unlimited Support. We have a huge friendly community setup in the UK in the form of a forum (see above menu). Here you can chat with other members that have purchased from us. We also have staff moderating the forums and advising in all aspects of importing. Never worry about after sales support.
  4. Worried about hidden costs? We have none. In fact, let us know your budget and we will purchase a car import to your budget all fees, taxes, shipping paid. The vehicle will be ready to be picked up at the port. It will only need an MOT and if less than ten years old an SVA before registration.
  5. Thousands can be saved. Remember, you are paying the amounts a dealer in the UK would do.
    Even better, you can make money. Depending on vehicle, it is very likely that you will be offered thousands more for your vehicle than what you paid for it.
  6. The commission we earn from each vehicle is set at a flat rate – not a percentage of the sale price. This means we are simply out there to purchase the best possible vehicle that suits your needs. Some agents only have access to the ‘USS’ auctions which are about 12 auction halls. We buy from over 50 around Japan. More choice means better chance of a quality vehicle that exactly matches your requirements.
  7. We have access to over 150,000 vehicles per week. Compare this to the tiny number a typical Japanese car import dealer will have.
  8. We will offer you the best customer support available. Our email system is second to none and your questions will be answered quickly.
  9. Why pay dealers the large profit margins they make on these imports? We let YOU essentially become the dealer.
  10. High Specification. How does Standard air con, electric windows etc etc… sound to you? Japanese vehicles are usually very high spec compared to UK versions.
  11. Low Mileage. Congested streets, lack of room and expensive car travel mean 30% – 50% less mileage than what you would find on their UK equals
  1. Modifications. Large alloys, upgraded exhaust systems and body kit are all very common on Japanese vehicles.